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Bitcoin Yellow Pages is fully committed towards continually improving the accessibility of our site, including for users with disabilities or age-related hearing or vision loss.

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We work hard to make sure our site functions correctly on all browsers, computers, and mobile devices. Occasionally, issues arise that cause aspects of our site to misbehave in certain environments. If you experience any issues that interfere with your ability to fully utilize our website, please contact us. If you need to use our website immediately but are experiencing difficulties, please attempt to access our site using a different web browser and/or device.

Free tools to enhance your browsing experience



 Lightning Express – Free Screen Magnifier

Lightning Express is a freeware screen magnifier. It is simple to run and use, and greatly enhances the computer experience for users with limited vision or sight loss.

For more information regarding Lightning Express, please visit their website.



 Thunder – Free Screen Reader

Thunder is a freeware screen reader that uses a simulated voice to read page sections. It allows users who are blind or have extremely limited vision the ability to access websites that they would otherwise be unable to use.

For more information regarding Thunder, please visit their website.


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