Coinbase Makes Bitcoin Payments Easier

Coinbase makes bitcoin payments easier with their new WordPress plugin. The company announced their WordPress plugin earlier today. Already a leader in payment solutions, this announcement places Coinbase at the forefront of Bitcoin payment methods.

The widget can be set up in three simple steps:


Coinbase WordPress Plugin

1. Search for and install the Coinbase plugin from the plugins section of the WordPress admin dashboard.



Coinbase WordPress Plugin2. Go to Settings and select the Coinbase page in the WordPress admin dashboard. The plugin will guide you step-by-step to help link the plugin to your Coinbase account.


Coinbase WordPress Plugin




3. Add payment buttons to pages or items by either using the widget option or via "short code".

The "short code" looks as such:

[coinbase_button name=”Alpaca Socks” price_string=”10.00” price_currency_iso=”CAD”]

The widget is shown to the right. It can be easily added and configured to the sidebar of any website page.










There many be some concerns over security, but Coinbase has stated that the widget is only authenticated to create payment buttons with the site owner's Coinbase account- nothing else. The ability to send, receive, or do anything else with the owner's Coinbase account will not happen. The company also stated that the plugin is completely open source, making customization possible. If it is truly as easy as they say, it is quite likely that a large number of sites will begin to use this method to accept bitcoins as payment.

Find more info on Coinbase's website. Read the original post here.

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