Earn Bitcoins - Become a Power Lister

Earn Bitcoins - Become a Power Lister

What is a Power Lister?

A Power Lister is a registered user who submits a large number of companies to our search database to earn bitcoins. For each twenty successful submissions, we pay users up to .40 bitcents.

How do I become a Power Lister?

Becoming a Power Lister is easy. Simply follow the steps and rules below:

  1. Register an account. Your username MUST BE a bitcoin wallet address that you control to qualify for the program and earn bitcoins.
  2. Go to "My Submissions" and start submitting companies to our database.
  3. For every 20 successful submissions, we pay between .0025 and .02 bitcoins per submission based on quality. We pay directly to the address you registered with.

What rules are there, and how can I make sure my submissions are successfully approved?

In order for your submissions to be qualified in the Power Lister program, they must:

  1. The company must accept bitcoin or promote bitcoin in some way.
  2. The company must be in good public standing. NO ADULT CONTENT.
  3. The submission must not contain any false or misleading information.
  4. Be in well written English and free of errors. Inappropriate or offensive language is ground for immediate account suspension. Uniquely written and detailed descriptions will warrant much higher payments.
  5. Main description must be at least four sentences highlighting the focus of the business.
  6. The Featured image must be a well-cropped 160 x 220 pixel image of the business's logo, website, services, or products.
  7. All details must be filled to to the fullest extent. If if the business does not list hours of operation or an address, leave those fields blank.
  8. An appropriate main category and sub-category must be selected for the listing. If the appropriate category is not listed, start the description section with an all-caps sentence stating so.
  9. Submissions will not qualify if they have been listed or submitted to our database already.

Ready to earn bitcoins?

Become a Power Lister and earn bitcoins!
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