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We make it easy to list your company on our search directory. Simply register an account, go to the 'items' tab on the left, and create a new item to list your company. It's that easy to create your free business listing! In order to pass the application process, your submission must meet the following criteria:

  1. The company must accept bitcoin or promote Bitcoin in some way.
  2. The company must be in good public standing.
  3. The submission must not contain any false or misleading information.
  4. The submission must be well written and free of errors. Inanppropriate or offensive language is grounds for immediate account suspension.
  5. Main description must be at least four sentences highlighting the focus of the business.
  6. The Featured image must be a well-cropped 160 x 220 pixel image of the business's site, services, or products.
  7. All details must be filled to to the fullest extent. If if the business does not list hours of operation or an address, leave those fields blank.
  8. An appropriate main category for the listing. If the appropriate category is not listed, start the description section with an all-caps sentence stating so.
  9. Submissions will not qualify if they have been listed or submitted to our database already.

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