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Backman Roasting's story begins in 2009 when Christine began working at a coffee shop where Cameron was just being promoted to a supervisor and trainer. It wasn’t long until our relationship began and it was the start a whole new adventure nobody could have prepared us for.

Christine moved to South Korea in August of 2009 to teach English in a Korean public elementary school, and soon after in January of 2010, Cameron followed and enrolled at a business university.

In June of 2010, Christine and Cameron were married and two years later, their family was complete with the arrival of baby Caleb.

In 2013, Cameron was working at a government official in the National Patent Office of Korea and Christine was continuing her career as an English teacher while finishing her master’s degree. Caleb was just learning to talk.

Cameron had long dreamt of being in coffee industry and after the new addition to the family, the Bachmans decided it was time to step out into a new adventure of a roasting company of their very own.

Today, Bachman Roasting stands for quality coffee made with ethical effort and best shared with those closest to you.

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