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Our Mission:

Provide an online marketplace for goods and services that accepts bitcoin electronic currency. Bitcoin World Marketplace is the world's first and leading marketplace for sellers and buyers to come together through the exchange of bitcoin.

We see limitless potential in the growth of bitcoin currency in the world market.  The Bitcoin World Market seeks to encourage trade using bitcoin and remove the barriers of entry for the exchange of bitcoin for goods and services. As the leading online marketplace accepting bitcoin our goal is to encourage the use of and contribute to the stability of bitcoin as a world currency. Through an online marketplace implementation we will begin with offering a place for any merchant  to list their goods or offers their services purchasable by both US Dollars and/or Bitcoin.  Payment to the merchant can also be in dollars or bitcoins regardless of the currency used for the purchase.

We seek to encourage the economic exchange of goods and services using bitcoin and provide a system to easily sell goods or services for merchants and providing buyers a market to spend and shop with bitcoin.

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37.579412513438385, -80.15625

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