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Our internet café is located in North Hollywood, California (a suburb of Los Angeles), near the Red Line metro station. The cost of our internet terminals is a mere $4.00/hr. Mind you, these are modern systems with large, pure-digital 19" widescreens. We have a 50mbps/5 mbps business-class dsl line here, which means your internet will seem very fast. In addition, the computers here are set up with minimalism and simplicity in mind. This means no crowded desktops, no mind-boggingly slow terminals, and no complicated user interfaces. Just fast and clean systems, pure and simple. We also have a knowledgeable staff. So if you ask us a technical question, you'll actually get an intelligent answer.

We realize that privacy and security are a concern for our customers, it is for us too. That's why each terminal performs a "clean wipe" of any cookies, internet history, random files, etc after every user logout. Not only is your privacy protected, but you can be rest assured that you won't accidentally download a virus left by the previous user (this actually happens a lot on public terminals).

Our address

5152 Lankershim Bl. North Hollywood, CA 91601
34.1642022, -118.37420079999998

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